Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Day one, for Mrs. O

Here's my first list:

1. technology
2. and how it keeps me in touch with old friends
3. and new ones
4. pain meds
5. that make it possible for Ty to tolerate the bus ride to
6. his school
7. Ty's wonderful teacher
8. Ty's compassionate intervener
9. the principal who sent him a gift when he was going through chemo
10. the busdriver
11. wheelchairs
12. easy-to-clean wood floors
13. beautiful sunsets
14. gorgeous dawns
15. clear, brilliant blue skies
16. paint!
17. glorious paint
18. and the painters who are coming tomorrow
19. to beautify my space
20. and therefore, I'm also grateful for masking tape
21. and masking paper
22. moving boxes
23. books - which could take up 3 days worth (or more) of lists
24. reading in bed under
25. my down comforter
26. cool, crisp sheets
27. my pillow (oh, my pillow how I do love thee)
28. yoga
29. sports bras (seriously)
30. hot, relaxing showers
31. fuzzy bath mats
32. giant bath towels
33. space heater in the bathroom
34. mirrors
35. moisturizer
36. makeup
37. blowdryer
38. curling iron
39. hairspray
40. brush(I swear I'm nearly through everything that helps me get ready)
41. deodorant
42. boot-cut jeans (I know they are passe, but I'm still grateful for them)
43. scrumptious wool socks - a hug for my feet
44. electricity
45. that powers my refrigerator
46. and my morning light
47. and my technology
48. email
49. cell phone
50. dishwasher
51. dusting - because tidying up feels nice
52. a potty trained daughter - hallelujah!
53. putting pigtails in her hair
54. the opportunity to travel with Mr. O, just the two of us this weekend
55. the two of us!
56. journaling
57. homemade whole wheat bread
58. lemon curd
59. my aunt M~ helping me with Ty
60. good doctors
61. medicine
62. sleep
63. Copper - superdog
64. watching her joy in eating snow
65. neighbors who check in on you
66. stories
67. callings that stretch you
68. faith (though still budding)
69. past miracles
70. especially hearing Ty call me mom
71. the only good thing about chemo
72. writing
73. reading great writing
74. counting blessings
75. music, the loud dance your heart out kind
76. and the soft, meditative kind
77. my daughter M~, helping to clean up dinner (without being asked)
78. S~ being praised by his photography teacher, it meant a lot to him
79. N~ being able to memorize her vocabulary words
80. E~ for always being my puppy and singing her soulful, puppy songs
81. the piano, an instrument I hope to someday master
82. dinner, all of us together
83. many hands making light work
84. my girls
85. my boys
86. my Mr. O and his very compassionate ways
87. his example to me
88. fabulous health insurance
89. customer service representatives who are helpful
90. and even the automated system whose magic word is "representative"
91. pharmacy techs who go the extra mile to update all your info, even though you
don't have an actual card, rather, just scribblings on an old grocery list
92. And likewise, dr.'s offices - who help you sort out the insurance maze
93. a pink, dusty sunset
94. reflected moonlight
95. olive oil
96. a hot, steamy washcloth
97. washing away the day
98. warm puddles of lamplight
99. snuggling
100. Ambien
101. Sleep, glorious sleep

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  1. Way to go Mrs. O! I love your #9, especially.