Thursday, January 15, 2009

Justine, Day 2

Closer today, but ran out of time...

1. x-ray machines
2. Ibuprofin
3. dh's patience and tenderness
4. pancakes that only have to add water to make
5. kids that think pancakes for dinner is "awesome"
6. praying out loud in the car
7. a nap this afternoon
8. that we live to darn close to a temple
9. that I've made those covenants
10. people are willing to volunteer for blood drives
11. the MS society people
12. that Target had a bunch of clothes for the kids on sale for $1.
13. that Target had a bunch of clothes for mothers on sale for $1.
14. we have an abundance of food
15. my garden is already ready for planting
16. there is still a ton of snow in the yard
17. recycling
18. webkinz for the kids
19. amazingly gracious in-laws
20. my family is trying to be closer
21. my new pillow
22. how beautiful the moon looked this morning
23. that I was awake to see it.
24. my short hair
25. hair goop
26. josy's beautiful curly hair
27. we haven't lost all the cordless phones
28. i have one clean room in the house I can go to.
29. two kids here do their own laundry
30. dh remembers enough math to help kids with homework
31. owner's manuals
32. cute hair clippies
33. wet, slobbery kisses from toddlers
34. my older two kids still hugged me this morning
35. I've been smiling all day
36. it's not -20 degrees outside, like it is in Michigan
37. I have a closet full of clothes
38. crayons aplenty
39. snacktime
40. warm, cozy bed
41. 20 year old alarm clock that still works
42. my body hasn't fallen to pieces today
43. kind email notes from friends
44. too many shoes to know what to do with
45. hugs
46. more answers to prayer today
47. peace and calm that comes from those answers
48. toys in all forms
49. Steve Jobs great mind
50. dh's kind affection this morning
51. Grandma's willingness to take ~I on short notice this morning
52. That she's willing to do it again tomorrow
53. neighbors that listen to the Spirit
54. Writing's that move me to tears
55. The Spirit moving me to action
56. watching my little people play together
57. the smell of brussels sprouts in the oven
58. leftover birthday cake
59. fresh baked bread
60. Horton Hears a Who
61. butter in general
62. cold cereal without milk
63. Dove Chocolate hidden in my purse
64. Macaroni Grill has curbside to-go
65. the kids don't like cheap pizza
66. yoga class is so calming
67. Malcolm Gladwell likes to write
68. my vision hasn't changed since last year
69. we have health insurance
70. We have health insurance (important enough to get two spots)
71. children who like to read
72. mountains are so close
73. the trail to the Y is fun enough to ignore the challenge
74. BYU's museums are open to the public
75. pens

1 comment:

  1. I have a slight crush on Steve Jobs and I love your short hair.

    And Ibuprofen.

    And you.