Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Justine: Jan 14

I could only do 50. I seriously need to improve my gratitude capabilities!

1. my warm shower
2. low side effects so far
3. all the snow
4. my sons tonka truck
5. my quiet morning
6. my running partner's wisdom
7. advanced medicine
8. yoga stretches
9. my calling's difficulty
10. my husband's socks
11. listening to the kids practice piano in the mornings
12. that my scriptures are so close
13. that I've received an answer to some prayers
14. my friends are so amazing
15. my computer is still working
16. I'm surrounded by good books
17. my sil taking Isaac this morning
18. I get to be a part of the PTA
19. The Lord has asked something of me today
20. I'm not out of ink toner
21. the laundry is done for the week
22. the house isn't completely trashed
23. my nylons didn't run on Sunday
24. I can go refill my meds today
25. the library is free
26. Jocy smiled through 20 falls during ice skating lessons
27. I'm still happy
28. Callie showed me what to do yesterday
29. DH is serving in the church with such faithfulness
30. DH is such a powerful and humble priesthood holder
31. the kids are really making an effort to find testimonies
32. Izzy is so excited to get baptized.
33. The Lord has shown me such tender mercies today
34. My kids still want to shovel the neighbor's driveway, after 5,000 previous shovelings.
35. Isaac's hugs
36. The heater's are still working
37. that I know so many wonderful people
38. the carpet is already vacuumed
39. I have clean sheets
40. I have another box of granola bars in the basement
41. Segullah mailing is finished
42. we don't own any pets
43. the Devonas's let us use their pool
44. DH made me laugh this morning
45. kisses from my baby
46. Alma
47. we own 4 staplers
48. that the track opens at 5 a.m.
49. I got to go to bed at 8:30 last night
50. DH showed me so much love this morning.

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  1. Justine I love these. I love you! Thank you for sharing these. No worries about the numbers, you know that, right? I'm thinking of you and wishing you well.