Sunday, January 18, 2009

Jen, The Sab.

1. 8:30 church that I thought I would hate, but actually enjoy
2. Well-prepared and delivered talks
3. Jooj giving the scripture for the first time
4. Hair that looks good when it is flat-ironed
5. Flat irons
6. Pot stickers
7. Organic Pomegranate fruit strips from Target
8. Being a full tithe payer
9. Jasper Fforde
10. The public Library
11. Sneetches
12. Sylvester McMonkey McBean
13. Almost-Four Sweetness
14. My Sleep Number Bed
15. After-church naps
16. The sleep of the dead
17. Zoloft
18. MS medication for my MIL
19. Clean Mammograms
20. Exercise
21. fireplaces
22. Spring in El Paso
23. Andrew Bird music
24. Having enough to pay bills
25. New shoes
26. Cookbooks
27. The way it sounds on my keyboard when I type fast
28. Senior primary that knows well enough to listen when I get serious
29. Squirrelly boys in Senior Primary
30. Serious girls in Senior Primary
31. Sunbeams telling me "I sang!"
32. The way the primary songs quiet the crying nursery kids
33. Jooj is mine, fair and square
34. Not being called to be a foster mom
35. Smarts
36. An amazing primary pianist
37. A bishop who loves my daughter
38. The men in the ward who have stepped up and been father-like to Jooj
39. Being on the same wavelenth as my sweet W
40. Slowly emerging clavicles
41. Jooj prays every single time she finds something she lost
42. That she is learning to recognize the Holy Ghost
43. Nesting, even though there is no reason
44. Silly games
45. Cuddling during Sac Mtng
46. W not in a war zone
47. "I can't tell you anything, but I am safe"
48. Small favors
49. Slippers
50. Root Beer
51. Planning
52. A new blender
53. Sabbath traditions
54. Internet
55. A laptop that still holds it together
56. Setting and obtaining goals
57. But having the tools to be okay if goals aren't reached
58. Being able to say the right thing at the right time
59. New opportunities to make friends
60. Unshakable testimonies
61. The still small voice
62. Making a difference to one kid
63. Spontaneous hugs
64. Not being swayed to stay home, even when it is convenient
65. Things I learned about being a member while at BYU:
66. Doing what you are asked
67. Cheerfully
68. Homework is not an excuse for missing church
69. Neither is tiredness (usually)
70. When you attend activities and meetings you are supporting the ward
71. No one likes to be in charge of an activity that no one attends
72. There is a reason behind callings and promptings and whisperings
73. I am part of a plan.
74. For the things I learned about being a member while in Monterey:
75. It is really hard to be in the RS presidency
76. Food Storage is divinely inspired
77. Welfare meetings are not to be coveted
78. There is good in everyone
79. For Army
80. And the rest
81. That I am not dating
82. That I am sealed in the temple to my family
83. That divorce and such doesn't unseal me to my folks
84. For my grandparents
85. For the opportunity to take family names to the temple
86. For cranky old ladies at church who want me to use colloidial silver in everything
87. Two healthy kidneys
88. Tonkatsu sauce
89. An adventurous palate
90. Carina
91. Marni, and the lessons I learned from her life
92. A mother who chose to have babies
93. Being a mother who chooses to have babies (theoretically.)
94. Not for Adam's transgressions
95. Elder Uctdorf
96. Elder Holland
97. Amazing in-laws
98. Blazing Saddles
99. The Great Race
100. Red shoes
101. Fairy Tales

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