Sunday, January 18, 2009

Justine, Church

1. The Spirit of God, sung by a feeble Relief Society
2. A music conductor, so moved by the music, sobs
3. A Sunday School teacher who becomes so involved in his "ministerial excitement" that he goes 10 minutes over time and makes all the little relief society ladies angry
4. A beautiful 19 year old boy speaking before his mission
5. A High Councilman who has wrapped his arms around my family in love
6. A Bishop who keeps us working
7. The Sacrament
8. Trying to draw dogs during Sacrament Meeting, but ending up with creatures of the unknown
9. Reverent children
10. Sonda's kindness
11. Kerri's kind words about MS
12. Our beautiful building
13. The P.C. ward members
14. Willing R.S. Presidents
15. Amazing Stake presidency
16. Full length mirrors at church
17. The Librarians
18. Sergene, who is so dedicated to teaching 8 year olds
19. Cindy's diligence
20. John taking such interest and care in my son's testimony
21. The beautiful organist who practices so faithfully
22. The boys who see to it the sidewalks are shoveled
23. The people who cleaned the building last week
24. Grace's tenderness to my 5 year old
25. The Strengthening Marriage teachers enthusiasm
26. the warm building
27. The pictures of the Savior all around
28. The Foothill ward
29. Kaye's willingness to share jokes
30. John B's grade school pictures that his mother shared
31. Brother T's kind words to Isabel
32. Someone making a space for me in class
33. Someone sitting near me in R.S.
34. The chorister choosing wonderful songs
35. The youth speakers great preparation
36. The Deacons coming early to set up chairs
37. The other Y.M. who take the sacrament to Vickie
38. The worthy Priests who take seriously blessing the Sacrament
39. Brother Walker's optimism
40. His daughter's dedication in caring for him.
41. Beth's wonderful commitment to the sisters in our ward
42. Tamela's soft words to rowdy boys
43. The time expended fulfilling so many callings
44. The money being raised to care for Cheryl's cancer
45. The opinions of even the most opinionated
46. That everyone still loves even the obnoxious commenters
47. That our ward is so academic and interesting
48. That Brother M always likes to argue in Sunday School
49. That the teacher is so loving anyway and keeps calling on him
50. That testimony is still more important than all that anyway.
51. That the R.S. teacher is the hottest 50-year old 1st grade teacher anywhere! (Gives me hope)
52. That the R.S. teacher is willing to say when she doesn't know something
53. The New Era that just came and hasn't been devoured by the kids yet
54. Kids that still won't eat until we pray
55. Quiet time after church
56. That DH is so dedicated to his calling, even if he doesn't understand a lick of it.
57. That DH is willing to put God first always
58. Our children are watching us serve in the church
59. Our ward really is a community of saints
60. The piano at church is nicely tuned
61. The musically number during Sacrament meeting was outstanding
62. A couple of members of MoTab are close enough to occasionally drop in to sing in our ward.
63. Parents all around us are teaching their children to be musical
64. My black skirt still fits me
65. I didn't look like a total dork today speaking in church
66. My calling lets me meet so many wonderful people
67. I'm learning something new about how the church works
68. Our Primary Presidency is just so wonderful
69. There are so many wonderful children around my kids
70. The Nursery leaders really go all out to make that a great place to be.
71. Snack's are not optional
72. Our Bishopric has learned so well how to meet the needs of the members of our ward
73. My ~I is SO excited to get baptized in a couple of weeks
74. She wants so badly to do what's right
75. Her older sister is encouraging her to live righteously
76. My son is earnestly preparing himself for the Priesthood
77. No one fought during Sacrament meeting
78. The Bishop remembered to announce Stake Enrichment
79. The Freezer Meals group is still going strong
80. Our ward book group doesn't read fluff.
81. Not all our ward members are right-wing conservatives
82. Not all our ward members are left-wing liberals
83. Brother W sought me out in concern for me today
84. I found someone to help
85. The Lord helped me keep smiling all morning
86. That I can still say I am firmly in denial about my life
87. That weekly injections are better than daily injections.
88. That I know the Lord loves me
89. That He reminded me of that so clearly today
90. That I saw my beloved R.S. sisters today
91. That the Lord blessed me with such a powerful testimony of love this morning
92. That music is such a powerful medium
93. That we remembered morning prayer before we left the house this morning
94. That there are people I saw today that I know I can serve
95. That the Lord reminds me that I need to be serving
96. That the words of the Prophets always seem to be brought to me at just the right moments.
97. That ~I's baptism interview was a positive experience
98. That she couldn't stop giggling through the whole thing
99. That I am surrounded by a family
100. That I don't have to cook dinner tonight
101. That I own red fluffly slippers.

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  1. I love that your black skirt still first you and that you own red fluffy slippers. (Well, the rest of the church stuff is great, too, of course.)