Saturday, January 17, 2009

From La Yen.

1. For long-lost friends and family that are back in my life
2. For a kid who is turning out to be a fun person to play with
3. The ability to actually play with my kid
4. The end of another day, making it one day less that I have to be alone
5. Tapirs
6. Burros
7. The ghetto El Paso zoo
8. Costco
9. Free Samples
10. Crock Pots
11. Horchata
12. Receiving mail
13. Sending mail
14. Springtime starts in January in El Paso
15. Fish that keep breeding
16. My dog, Rocky, who is MY dog.
17. A Sleep Number Bed
18. A Sleep Number Bed
19. A Sleep Number Bed
20. Payday
21. A car that works
22. A camera that works
23. The Atonement
24. Repentance
25. Not being the Relief Society President
26. LDS Family Services
27. A Birthmother who loved us enough to give us her child
28. Best Friends
29. Democracy
30. Capitalism
31. Missionaries
32. Private beaches at Dana Point
33. Nieces
34. Sisters
35. Sisters-in-law
36. Sleeping preschoolers
37. The Bible
38. The Book of Mormon
39. The Other Two
40. Personal Revelation
41. Personal Prayer
42. La Ciudad Juarez temple
43. The sweet people who work at La Ciudad Juarez temple
44. Waldo, the love of my life
45. Waldo, my best friend
46. Waldo, my greatest blessing
47. Waldo, my greatest trial
48. The Holy Ghost
49. Hands that work
50. A clean upstairs
51. Strong water pressure in the shower
52. Utah mountains
53. Sand Cats
54. That I am not in High School anymore
55. Laurels that become Women who become great friends
56. New Shoes
57. Having a passport, even if I only use it to go to Mexico, anymore
58. The deployment being 4/5 of the way over
59. Old neighbors that are still friends
60. SuperTarget
61. Reading a book in bed
62. Mindless computer games
63. Quick-wittedness
64. Not living in California
65. The Ensign
66. A Prophet
67. Being a fast typer
68. Knowing that there is a master plan for me
69. Ancestors
70. Having three living grandparents
71. Friends who go on vacation with us
72. Not being easily offended
73. Dalene soap in the shower
74. Being at this stage in my life
75. Being sent to the family I was born with
76. Brothers
77. Brothers-in-law
78. Nephews
79. Toasty blankets on a chilly night
80. The Franklin "Mountains"
81. Ministering Angels
82. Priesthood Blessings
83. Patriarchal Blessings
84. Jacob Hamblin
85. My education
86. Seed catalogs
87. Sunbeams
88. The Army packs and moves us when we go
89. People who stand up for what they believe in
90. Almost-Four years of being a mother
91. Twelve Years of marriage
92. Books that are old friends
93. A healthy body
94. Strong muscles
95. Being brave
96. Alissa's pictures of Jooj
97. Cheerios and Honey
98. Women in the ward who will gladly be surrogate grandmas for Jooj
99. A mother who can fashion beautiful things from nothing (and doesn't feel bad that I can't)
100. Weight finally coming off
101. Mammoth Lakes, California

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